Thursday, December 13, 2007

Past Time

Bud, you just don't get it. After documenting Sen. Mitchell's distinguished track record, Selig underscores, "Senator Mitchell has made 20 recommendations, all of which I will embrace... Those recommendations that I can implement independently, I will do so immediately." Amen!

But, a few sentences later, Selig states, "I am going to review each one of these [players] on a case by case basis"--even though Mitchell recommended not spending a single minute reviewing the circumstantial evidence contained in the report. Why the confusion? During Q&A, Bud revealed that he has yet to read the entire report! You had 3 days between receiving the report and his news conference this afternoon!?!? Three days where you had the exclusive right to review this report... perhaps the most sensational document since the Gospel of Judas surfaced in 2000.

You really are asleep at the wheel. And even though you're stretched too thin to read the Mitchell Report, how do you have the capacity to pick up where 22 months of focused work left off? Priorities Bud(dy).

When will the commissioner be held accountable? Head coaches are fired after a couple losing seasons. You've had over a decade's worth of losing season. Owners, give him the heave-ho!

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