Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Era Draws to a Close: Can the MLB Move Forward?

It's the holidays. That means jingles... like Deck the Halls. Speaking of decking the halls, as of today, there are no MLB players from the past decade that are On Deck for the Hall of Fame. The Mitchell Report is now available... and there are names. All-stars and September call-ups. Mitchell, after weighing the pros and cons, opted to publish the list of names in recognition of the failed policies of the past decade plus. For proof though that steroids don't automatically make one an all-star, look no further than Marvin "I swing through every eye-high fastball" Benard. However, he also cautioned that it is a partial list with dozens names already retired and, thus, outside the reach of the MLB for punishment.

In the holiday spirit, Mitchell recommended to grant a form of amnesty to all past offenders. I could not be more supportive. The bungling league officials stuck their collective heads in the sand even when faced with striking evidence of steroid/HGH use through the late 90's and early 00's. There's little reason to be mired in the past to create an MLB McCarthy List of Cheaters. Instead, hopefully the league office moves quickly to enact best practices to combat drug use; and then channels their energy to seek acceptance and adoption from the MLB Players Association.

If misery loves company... Bonds must be enjoy finally be teamed up with 7 time Cy Young winner, Roger Clemens. Maybe Bonds DHing with the Yankees in '08?

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