Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kevin was...

Facebook just removed the word "is" from the status update! FREEDOM!!!

No longer is my status incarcerated by two itsy-bitsy characters, the most meager of verbs... R.I.P. oh, except the early returns are that my 2/3rds of my facebook friends that have updated their status subsequent to the programming change have opted to maintain "is" in their status. Where's the adventure???

This microblogging stuff is great... but vapid?

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Scott said...

It's only vapid if you're not creative. A lot can be conveyed in 5 words....and if you're creative, it inspires creative thoughts in your readers' minds...which is cool. This is an important note when the truth is most of your friends don't have the patience or time to read all of your blog posts. ;)