Friday, September 7, 2007

Going back to Cali

Back in college, there was an epic story of a pledge that pulled off a “fake pass out” in order to sidestep the late night hazing. At the time I thought pretty weak… but after being stuck on a 12 hour flight shouldering the head of tourism for Croatia, I’m ready to reconsider. Why? I tried to talk to her… I thought a little conversational aikido might channel her loquaciousness towards some more intriguing topics. Wait for it... wait for it... Not so much. So, no I didn’t pull the fake pass out… but I came close. Even though my iPod was out of juice after watching a couple of MadMen episodes (if you haven’t watched, you’re missing out on something special), I acted as if I was locked into listening to some tunes. i think i actually tweaked my neck from overselling the head bob. karma.

The final count:
* number of countries visited (include slovenia since in bathroom during passport check?): 10
* miles traveled: 24,000+ (air) + 3,500 (train) + oodles (walking)
* job offers: 1 (thank you to whomever sent in an application on my behalf to become a chairlift operator at Breckenridge for the ’07 – ’08 season)
* glasses of free tap water at the European restaurants: zero
* digital photos on my computer: 1,100 (over 800 are cono’s and ricky’s)
* penpals: 3
* fantasy football drafts: 2
* And one great time

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