Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Aisle Apart

We all know it absolutely sucks to be stuck in the middle seat. we've done the math. 3 seats. 6 arms. 4 armrests. Of course, no one ever discusses a fair plan to divvy up the armrest. instead, the proper decorum is silent elbow jockeying... most passengers employ the same strategy as the settlers in the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush: get there first and stakeout the armrest. But even the most hurried snatching of the in-flight magazine could result in the Seat B passenger reclaiming the prime spot on the armrest. Oh well, being a single guy and resigned to flying economy for the imminent future, I guess I can accept this fate.........

But, why do some married couples not sit next to each other on a flight? well, they kinda sit next to each other... but occupying adjacent aisle seats... and forcing one more last-minute traveler into the middle seat purgatory. Did they not make that vow to take so-and-so "to be my wife, to have and to HOLD from this day forward?"

Well, why don't they hold them... this day... on this flight? heck, they don't even need to hold them, just share one of the armrests. I can totally understand if the flight didn't fill up and there are empty seats... but otherwise, you might as well share that armrest with your spouse and not me.

ok, i'm just a bit bitter. i got stuck in the middle seat from vegas (or "Lost Wages" as the southwest airlines person termed) to oakland and i lost the armrest rush.

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Ruthie said...

Speaking of married couples sitting across the aisle from each other, here is my rant about married couples on planes: I understand that you want to sit next to your schmoopy. I really do. But if you are not quick enough about planning your trip, thus you have to sit next to someone else for a whole 3 hours, do *not* ask me to give up my carefully chosen aisle seat for your window. Book sooner. Or sit in your assigned seat for 3 hours without complaint. You have no one to blame but yourself. [This happens to me on more than half the flights I take. I need to start looking meaner.]