Sunday, October 7, 2007

Captain Comeback --> Commander Chimera

Fall Saturdays finally have meaning to Stanford grads. No longer will we use our Saturday afternoons to hike the dish, to go on scavenger hunts, or to toss a disc at the Oval. For disclosure... I was actually attending my first ever yoga class at kickoff. Why would I ever think to park my keyster on the couch to watch this game considering we lost by 38 points at home last week... after not having scored an offensive touchdown in over 6 quarters... and playing the #1 team in their house? We were a 6-touchdown underdog. The online sportsbooks were setting the odds of a Cardinal victory at over one in a hundred. Our chances were basically Slim and none and Slim just walked out the door.

But that's why you play the game.

The Sports Guy just penned an article on the Levels of Losing (basically the 21st century sports version of the Divine Comedy and the 9 Circles of Hell. Well, I'm a glass full kind of guy; so let's flip the script. Where does this rank in terms of sweet victories????

Psych! I'll let the talking heads knock their noggins together to analyze, scrutinize, and categorize. For me, i'll just savor this win... mmmmm, tasty! the sweetest parts... 1) All kal fans were rooting for stanford. this never happens. kal athletes don't even wear red, ever, because they possess such hatred for the Cardinal. the putative rationale is that kal wants to be the #1 team in the country and as of saturday AM only two teams were ahead of them. but kal will be playing against U$C in a few weeks... so what is the rush to get to #1 now? hmmmm. 2) I received more texts/calls after the game than on my birthday. Although not one communique was from a Stanford GSB classmate... maybe they're just waiting for the Big Game upset before jumping on the bandwagon.... two victories against #1 ranked teams in one year??? you read it here first.

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